The Serie 17M is the globetrotter of the X-Rayl® Solar Pointer family including NFC and 2,4 GHz communication reaching up to 10 Messages per hour absolutely maintenance-free. It receives the signals of GPS, Galileo and Glonass concurrently and offers a sofisticated vibration analysis sensor.

The Serie 17M is the globetrotter of the X-Rayl® Solar Pointer family. It is made of machined aluminum and its surface is anodized for professional use. Its design meets the highest requirements and is suited for use in ATEX Zone 1. It also includes a Lithium-Ion cell which gives it very long autonomie.

For perfect connectivity Serie 17M Pointers include NFC Technologie and wireless sensor connection using the 2,4 GHz band.

The X-Rayl® Solar Pointer is mounted on freight cars or containers within a few minutes and provides position and sensor data at freely adjustable intervals by means of GPS. The position of the vehicle can be retrieved via the Web Interface of X-Rayl® DOT-Link and can be displayed on a map, for example. Additional data such as temperature, kilometers travelled, payload, door opening or historical queries concerning individual vehicles are also accessible. With the help of Geofencing, the customer is notified as soon as the vehicle reaches predefined areas (i.e. loading or unloading stations, border stations, etc.) via E-Mail or SMS. Thanks to solar operation, the X-Rayl® is completely maintenance-free and has been used by the shipping and transport industry throughout Europe since 2003.

The Serie 17M allows for concurrent reception of 3 GNSS systems (GPS, Galileo, Glonass) and therefore offers best in class positioning precision.  With its vibration analysis feature it can capture “snap shots” of a given vibration situation with a sample rate of up to 800 Hz and/or for a duration of up to 10 seconds. Thanks to this feature, a variety of use cases e.g. the detection of flat wheels can easily be performed. Finally, a specifically developed tilt sensor produces an immediate alarm should your vehicle be in an unusual position.