X-RAYL® SOLAR POINTER "Edition Silver"

X-RAYL® SOLAR POINTER "Edition Silver"

The X-Rayl® Solar Pointer Edition Silver is the flag ship in the X-Rayl® Solar family, featuring all the features of the 17o Series plus Tilt Detection and an activated surface that weathers faster and offers better vandalism protection. In the future, there will also be the option of defining a specific housing color for larger order quantities.

The “Silver” edition is the flag ship of the X-Rayl® Solar family. We have intensively dealt with theft and vandalism protection and for the X-Rayl Solar Pointer S17 we have taken the following two measures compared to the X-Rayl® Solar Pointer Series 17o:

1. Tilt Detection This factor is an indication of disassembly of the GPS device (planned or unauthorized) or derailment. Tilt Detection is based on information from the built-in tilt sensor and is normally set to 0. If the inclination of the GPS device changes abruptly, the display jumps to a number >0 (e.g. 5). An automated notification at Tilt Detection is in preparation.

2 New optics “Edition Silver “The previously blue housing of the X-Rayl Solar Pointer S17 is replaced by a pure aluminum housing (silver-colored) with activated surface. Thanks to the activated surface, the new case will quickly adapt to the ambient colour due to weathering and develop into an inconspicuous part of the car. In the future, it will also be possible to define a certain case colour for larger order quantities as an option.

The X-Rayl® Solar Pointer in the Silver Edition has all the features of the previous versions. The Fall Back option on 2G provides security to work even where no LTE network is available. It is made of aluminium for highest demands. The X-Rayl® Solar Pointer Series 17o has been developed for use in ATEX Zone 1.17 Pointer Series 17 allows communication via NFC as well as radio sensor detection at 2.4 GHz.

The X-Rayl® Solar Pointer is mounted on railway wagons or containers in a few minutes and delivers position data and sensor data via GPS at freely selectable intervals. The position of the vehicle is queried via web access to the X-Rayl® DOT-Link platform and displayed e.g. as a map view.

Additional data such as temperature, mileage, loading, door opening or historical queries of individual vehicles are also available. Using Geofencing, the customer receives a notification by e-mail or SMS when entering freely selectable local areas (e.g. loading/unloading stations, border stations, etc.).

X-Rayl® is completely maintenance-free thanks to solar operation and has been used since 2003 by freight forwarders, transport companies and industry across Europe. The Edition Silver series can receive three GNSS systems (GPS, Galileo, Glonass) simultaneously, has an enlarged energy server and is therefore unsurpassed in positioning precision. In addition, the Series 17o can capture detailed images of the vibrations on the vehicles with a resolution of up to 800 data points per second in three axes.

This allows anomalies such as flat spots or other damage to the vehicle to be detected. A specially developed tilt sensor sounds the alarm as soon as the pointer is in an unusual position.

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