The laser sensor is part of the X-Rayl® System and enables the detection of distance (10m), humidity and temperature. It is absolutely maintenance free.

The X-Rayl® Laser Sensor is part of the X-Rayl® Systems. It enables cm-accurate detection of a distance up to 10m. This makes it easy to monitor the loading status of Schimns wagons by mounting the laser sensor on the end wall and monitoring the entire length of the wagon. Once a load (e.g., coil) is on the cart, the detected distance decreases. The X-Rayl® Laser Sensor also has a humidity and temperature sensor that monitors high-resolution relative humidity and the temperature of the air in the car.

The armored window, through which the laser beam (class 1) scans the car is vandalism-proof, the laser works even with heavily soiled window.

Thresholds and events can be programmed as well as simple periodic acquisition.

The X-Rayl® Laser Sensor is wired to the X-Rayl® Pointer (17 Series or later) and does not have its own power supply. This makes the system absolutely maintenance-free for more than 10 years. The X-Rayl® Laser Sensor has no ATEX protection.