The X-Rayl® Sensor S3 is our Bluetooth Sensor Platform

The X-Rayl® Sensor S3 is our Bluetooth Sensor Platform that extends the capabilities of the X-Rayl® Pointer S3 by being installed on the place where data is actually happening e.g. in the interior of a Shimmns wagon where a laser beam can actually verify if a coil is present or not. Similarly a X-Rayl® Sensor measuring humidity can guarantee and document, that a critical value has or has never been surpassed. A temperature sensor can immediately alarm you when a dangerous gradient level has been reached. The magnetic contact sensor will be triggered when the spring deflection of a wagon reaches the maximum load. The data collected by the sensor is not only delivered immediately on any portal application you might wish, it can also be shown locally on a high resolution display. Of course the X-Rayl® Sensor has been designed to fulfill the high est ATEX protection on the market offering ATEX IIC T6 protection.

The X-Rayl® Sensor has a monolithic design that allows for easy installation using a multitude of mounting adapters that can be produced to suit your specific needs.


The Sensor S3 Platform is capable of measuring:

  • Temperature (internally)
  • Temperature (with external PT1000)
  • Pressure
  • Attitude
  • Vibration
  • Acceleration “hi G”
  • Acceleration “low G”
  • Distance from 180 mm to 2000mm in a 11° Beam
  • Loading Status by means of measuring deflection