The X-RAYL® DOT-LINK PLATFORM is the basic application serving as a WEB-Site for X-RAYL® POINTER users.

The X-RAYL® DOT-LINK PLATFORM is the Web-Interface via which our customers can access their specific position data. DOT-Link operates in combination with the X-Rayl® system and was developed for exception handling, analysis of vehicle motion, forecast of logistic streams etc. X-Rayl® DOT-Link displays the potential of future logistics solutions.

X-RAYL® DOT-LINK PLATTFORM provides access for our customers to the following basic functions regarding the active X-RAYL® POINTERS:

  • GPS Information and sensor data
  • Map View
  • List View
  • Distribution in towns and countries
  • Usage rate
  • Route statistics
  • Stop statistics
  • History

Multiple individually configurable filters and classifications are being offered.

The X-RAYL® DOT-LINK PLATTFORM serves as a base for optional packages such as X-RAYL® DOT-LINK KILOMETER CALCULATOR or X-RAYL® DOT-LINK GEO EVENT.

Access to the X-RAYL® DOT-LINK PLATFORM is, of course, encrypted.