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DOT Solar Park

Solar Positioning from a Solar Site

As you may know, our GPS tracking devices are solar-powered and thus completely maintenance-free. If you are concerned about sustainability, you might ask yourself how much conventional energy is actually needed in order to produce that type of user-friendly devices.

To your relief: None! Our production site in Leobendorf is situated right at one of the largest solar power plants around Vienna.

Hence, we are able to produce the same quantity of energy 50 four-person-households would consume in one year.

To express it in a more technical way: 752 solar modules generate 176 kWp of power, and are located on the production site on a surface of 4,500 m². They are able to provide 200,000 kWh on a yearly basis. It is therefore possible to develop our products as well as to run our business operations in an energy-self-sufficient manner.

The perfect example for the leading supplier of solar-powered pointing devices!

For more information on the current and historical data of our solar plant, please follow the link below:

DOT Solarpark Leobendorf Profile

DOT solar park total output to date 1 657 871 kWh