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Positioning, Remote Sensing and Telecommunication

DOT-Telematik has been a reliable partner for positioning, remote sensing and telecommunication solutions for the past ten years. Numerous customers from the logistics industry as well as rail transport are therefore more than satisfied.

DOT-Telematik uses a wide range of different, largely maintenance-free, solar-powered facilities. After all, we offer individualized solutions for each demand, instead of simply selling products.

Why DOT Telematik?

… Because we adapt both software and hardware precisely to your individual requests.

… Because you will get advanced tracking solutions for wagons, containers, trailers, etc., with costumizable sensors.

… Because we look back on many years of experience in the field of telematics for measuring and testing equipment, the logistics industry and passenger services.

… Because no other supplier has comparable know-how in the branch of solar-powered telematics.

… Because our patented GPS tracking system scores top on Position Surveillance, Geofencing, Mileage Performance Measurement, and Map-matching.

… Because development and production are one-hundred percent made in Austria and meet the highest quality standards.

… Because you will receive ultramodern passenger information systems.

… Because we are able to run our production and applications in a sustainable manner thanks to our DOT Solar Park,


… Because we care about rendering your tasks easier and more efficient.

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