From A to Z with DOT-Telematik

From A to Z with DOT-Telematik

Advantages in Alphabetical Order

The possibilities DOT-Telematik solutions offer are as versatile as their use for the various different target groups. Here is where you find the most important facts – from A to Z.

Analysis: Standstill intervals can be analyzed in order to optimize freight distribution on the basis of the results gained.

ATEX: Our X-Rayl Solar Pointer positioning devices are ATEX-certified and thus approved for use in highly explosive areas (such as tank wagons).

Bluetooth stands for Bluetooth 5.0 and is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. It’s commonly used for wireless headphones and other audio hardware, as well as wireless keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Bluetooth is also used for communication between various smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Customer Satisfaction: Being able to check on punctuality and the estimated time of arrival has satisfied customers over the years in terms of passenger information systems, both in freight and passenger transport.

Data Integration: Possible along internal EDP-tools such as SAP, interfaces are adaptable. The distribution of data to its respective IT-system (SAP, e-consignment note, etc.) accelerates internal approval and increases efficiency.

Data Security: Highest security is guaranteed thanks to certified data encryption (https).

Efficiency Improvements: Reducing standstill intervals results in a higher workload, which accounts for a significant improvement both in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Electronic Consignment Notes: To satisfy your request, we are able to integrate your electronic consignment notes into our system in order to reproduce them on your web-interface.

Fields of Operation: Freight wagons, containers, trailers, construction machines, etc. – even in places without electricity.

Future: The consistent circulation logging provides a solid base for future efficiency improvements.

Geofencing: A notification via e-mail or SMS is generated as soon as the vehicle checks in or out of a predefined area, i.e. a loading/unloading station or a border station. Thanks to the information obtained, Geofencing allows for optimizing loading and unloading processes.

Hardware: The hardware is made to perform in a rough environment, designed for rail traffic, protected against vandalism and produced in Austria.

IEEE The IEEE 802.15.4 standard describes a transmission protocol and, like Bluetooth, is a technology for connecting sensors via a 2.4 GHz radio link.

Information gives you a Head Start: Knowing and being able to trace the exact position and arrival times of stocks makes it easier to be prepared (e.g. saving on storage costs by picking stocks up immediately).

Installation: The installation of the equipment is easy and fast. There is no need for cables.

Kilometrage (Mileage) Measurement: Electronic kilometrage measurement through positioning sensing allows for replacing the time-consuming method of reading axle sensors. Thus, errors on account of manual data transfer can be avoided. Thanks to this more accurate measuring method, maintenance intervals are easier to plan. Correct maintenance services result in an improvement in security.

Life Expectancy: Resistant shells and elaborate solar technology make for unlimited life expectancy.

Maintenance Free: Photovoltaic energy does away with battery replacement. Sturdy and resistant shells render maintenance superfluous.

Map-matching: Positioning data is constantly recorded via GPS; Map-matching makes it possible to compare traveled routes with maps and record eye-contact data for analysis by the advertising industry.

Passenger Information Systems: Advanced service provided to passengers, e.g. through real-time monitoring, estimated time of arrival and entertainment programs.

Patent: DOT Telematik’s X-Rayl GPS positioning solution is patented.

Predictability: Enhanced task predictability and thus control improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Position Tracking: The X-Rayl Pointer allows for positioning at individually adaptable intervals.

Quality: DOT-Telematik’s solutions are one-hundred percent made and developed in Austria. They have been successfully in operation since 2003.

Remote Control: Devices are accessible “over the air” through remote control, allowing for programming changes from a distance. Also valid for geofencing zones.

Safety and Security: Door sensors perfectly protect against theft, thus reducing costs by up to 30%. Additionally, security is increased by correct wagon maintenance providing accurate kilometer logging in order to comply with technical service intervals.

Solar-powered: Battery replacement is no longer required thanks to solar-powered devices.

Standstill Intervals: Geographical verification is possible for longer standstill intervals.

Statistical Analysis: Analysing logistics processes helps improving product quality on a long-term basis.

Tracking Intervals: Depending on your choice, the equipment can individually be adapted from one signal per minute to daily position reports.

Transparency: DOT-Telematik solutions provide maximum transparency.

Wagon Status: The passenger information systems are connected to sensors checking the wagon status. Toilet defects or heating/air-conditioning system failures are immediately reported to the central office. Subsequently, problems can be removed fast.

Versatility: Tracking solutions: freight cars, containers, trailers, construction machines; passenger information systems: bus and train; measuring, testing and diagnosing equipment: mobile communications (GSM and GSM-R), network quality and data transmission in the railway industry.

Web-Interface: Data can be accessed anywhere via the Web-Interface on the basis of customer login and password. It has been optimized for use by mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.